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Career in Food Technology

Food is one of the basic needs of humanity. Everyone needs food. No wonder there is an entire industry working for better production and preservation of food. Behind the scenes this industry has slowly and steadily become the backbone of the food industry and has carried humanity forward. Food Technology is the application of food science in manufacturing safe, wholesome and nutritious food products, it is the application of science and technology to the treatment, processing, preservation and distribution of food. In a slightly broader perspective it deals with developing new methods and systems for keeping food products safe, resistant to the threat of natural problems like bacteria. The field is pretty old and research has been going on for decades. India is one of the largest producers of consumable food stuffs in the world.  Hence, need for processing is on the increase, consequently new technology in food processing and preservation is the need of the hour. Increase in demand for packaged, processed and ready to eat food has made the food technology industry more integral over the last few years. Food technologists are involved in a wide variety of activities associated with providing nutritious food. They study the chemical, physical and microbiological makeup of the food. The food is processed, preserved, packaged and stored according to the specifications by industries and the government.


Skills Required

A food technologist should have a scientific mind, power of observation & concentration, interest in scientific and technological development and an interest in health and nutrition. Useful traits required for aspiring food technologists include a sense of responsibility, ability to work well on their own as well as a part of a team, effective communication skills and a discerning approach to food items.  A genuine interest in science, high standards of cleanliness, commitment, enthusiasm and motivation are other requisites for this job. A high level of accuracy is also very essential to be a good food technologist. Finally,being a good cook can never be a bad thing!!





  • Diploma Course in Food Analysis and Quality Assurance
  • Diploma in Food Science Technology
  • Diploma in Food Science, Preservation and Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Food Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Food Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Science in Food Preservation
  • Bachelor of Technology in Food Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science (after Bachelor of Science.) in Food Technology
  • Master of Science in Food Science
  • Master of Science in Food Technology
  • Master of Science in Food and Fermentation Technology and Food Science
  • Master of Science in Food and Nutrition






Job Prospects

Job opportunities are available in various industries like the fruit and vegetable processing industries, Spices and condiments industries, Bakery and confectionery industries, Beverage industries, Dairy industries, Sugar industries, Meat and poultry industries and also the food processing equipment manufacturing industries.

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