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Career in Fishery Science

Fishery Sciences is an untapped but exciting career choice in India. India is a blessed peninsula which has numerous ports which serves as a huge source for fish in this country. There are cuisines and cultures in this country heavily based on fish and seafood. Even with these advantages fishery remains a road less traveled in this country. But it is very exciting and rewarding,especially for those who have interest in marine life and those wanting to research on it and related topics. The industry mostly focuses on catching, processing, marketing and conservation of fish. Fisheries Science is an academic discipline of managing and understanding fisheries. The multidisciplinary subject includes the biological study of life, habits and breeding of various species of fish, farming and husbandry of important fishes and aquatic organisms in fresh water, brackish water and any marine environment.  Fisheries are estimated to provide 16% of the world population’s protein and India holds the seventh position in the world in regards to the value of fish exports. The fisheries industry in India carries around 8 Million people who are directly and indirectly dependant on the industry. Being part of this industry doesn’t just mean putting a net into the sea and catching fish but also includes being a highly skilled personnel engaged in the scientific breeding,research and management of fisheries.


Skills Required

The first thing you will need before you jump into this stimulating career is a love for marine life and the sea. Preferably sea sickness doesn’t hit you as that could be gamechanger. A mindset which favours research is important as a lot of work will be researched based. Managerial skills are a plus point as in the end of the day the industry is directly related to money.



  • Bachelor of Fishery Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Fisheries
  • Bachelor of Fisheries Science in Fish Biology
  • Bachelor of Fisheries Science in Aquaculture



Job Prospects

Fisheries graduates can easily find employment in Public Sector Organizations such as the Fisheries Department and even multiple Nationalized Banks. In the government you can look at State Departments of Agriculture and organisations such as the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) recruitment to both these institutions happens through the State Public Service Commission. Your good research skills could get you into organisations such as the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) and the National Fisheries Development Board as research assistant, biochemist, biologist or a technician. State Government postings usually include posts of Assistant Fisheries Development Officer (AFDO)/ Fisheries Extension Officer (FEO) and District Fisheries Development Officer whereas the Central Government offers Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA), Fisheries survey of India (FSI), NIO, WHO and the like. A beginner can expect a salary between Rs. 10000-Rs 15000 per month. Salary depends on the designation and skills of the aspirants. With experience and higher qualification your salary could easily increase.

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