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Teacher Diploma Courses

MIT World Peace University’s School of Education and Learning offers two very important and interesting Diploma courses, Early Childhood Care and Education and Certificate and Diploma in Art and Craft. Teachers have always been an integral part of society and have always acquired a lot of respect. It is considered a sacred duty and a job that can’t be easily done. Although all of that is true one thing that can’t be denied is the fact that number of teachers have increased exponentially and demand is only increasing. Schools are now everywhere. Suddenly we have seen a boom in the education sector with many corporates looking at educational institutions as a long term investment that could produce big profits. It’s a wonderful time to be a teacher with schools coming up everywhere and education to become one also being easier to get than was before. But what makes it hard now is that with a huge number of people wanting to become teachers schools have started to look for only the best. To have that edge over other teacher aspirants extra diploma courses pave the perfect path for you. That’s where courses such as this comes into play.


Everything you say or teach a child in his primary years is expected to influence him throughout his life. The primary years are very important in shaping a person’s life. This is a known fact and something that the education system understands. So having the required skills to understand and train kids in their preschool years is an invaluable asset. The course ‘Early Childhood Care and Education intends to instill in you that very skill and will automatically let you stand out in the crowd. The website of the University tells us that the program focuses on training teachers in creating learning environment for children which is joyful, play based and developmentally appropriate.The course is just one year long but the knowledge and skill it would leave you with is priceless and would benefit you extremely in the years to come.

ECCE professionals may work in the various educational institutes as a teacher or coordinators- Nursery, Day care, Play schools, Anganwadis, NGOs (involved in educational activities), Entrepreneurs-ECCE professionals can start their own day care-center, preschool or activity centre.


Arts and Crafts has been an integral part of the school system almost forever. One of the biggest abilities that a school tries to open up in a child is creativity. From putting hand paint on to paper in your initial years to making small boats out of paper to then to move on to colouring and sketching to even eventually making posters for the next fest in school art and craft has been important and still continues to be one of best experiences of a child’s school life.Certificate and Diploma in Arts and Crafts trains you to be that teacher who gives this experience to the child and opens up his creativity. This course will concentrate on clay modelling and pot painting, teaching aids, murals and work experience. There is tremendous potential in fields of visual arts, creative media, advertisement Industry, and event management industry as an artist and also obviously a teacher in school and you can start your own hobby classes,summer camps etc.

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