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Career in Meteorology

Career option ranging from the newsroom to the Indian Army to NASA sounds rather interesting. That’s exactly what a career in meteorology offers you. Meteorology in simple terms is the interdisciplinary scientific study of the atmosphere. Meteorological phenomena are observable weather events which illuminate, and are explained by the science of meteorology. So the ability to forecast the weather using modern equipment and skill is what the science is majorly based on. Meteorology, climatology, atmospheric physics, and atmospheric chemistry are sub-disciplines of the atmospheric sciences. Meteorologist’s play a crucial role in Military operations such as troop movements, airplane flights, missile launches, and ship movements.


Skills Required

A meteorologist will be required to have a good and quick maths and statistics skills. Doing math fast will make a lot of your work easier. You will have to convert information on the weather into numbers and statistics that can be understood by a normal citizen who is not an expert.  There is need to be quick on your feet as there will bad days and there will be bad days. On days during natural disasters information coming in must be dealt with instantaneously as people will be depending on your information. One of the most important skills would be an undying work ethic. With the sheer amount of incoming information a meteorologist must have a great work ethic in order to observe, process, and report.


A student desirous of making a career in Meteorology or Atmospheric Science may opt for an undergraduate course i.e. B.Sc. or B.Tech soon after the completion of his/her +2 Science (class 12th) preferably with meteorology or atmospheric science as one of the electives. A number of universities including IITs are offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Meteorology/Atmospheric Sciences.

A master’s program i.e. M.Sc or M.Tech can usually be completed in two years after the bachelor’s degree. The requirement for admission to this program is usually an undergraduate degree in meteorology, physics, engineering, or related disciplines.


Colleges and Courses


Job Prospects

There are many job prospects to look at in many industries. Notably weather forecasting, aviation meteorology, agricultural meteorology, hydrometeorology, nuclear meteorology and maritime meteorology. Research plays an important role in this subject hence, taking up research is heavily encouraged. Space Stations and Space Research organizations like NASA and ISRO also require the services of a meteorologist.

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