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Career in Oceanography

Oceanography is the study of the seas, its coastline, estuaries, coastal waters, shelves and the ocean bed.  The subject is an interdisciplinary science that integrates principles of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Meteorology and Physics. Oceanography is a very exciting field that offers any science lover the advantage of being involved with a variety of scientific disciplines and an opportunity for lifelong learning. Oceanography is easily one of the most interesting and exciting career options out there. It gives you a unique opportunity to those with elemental curiosity and a desire to enter into the vast realm of the unknown, which exists in the oceans. It is not the most popular career option around but then again, that’s what makes it all the more intriguing. It is the path less traveled but a path worth taking. It is substantially a research based subject and hence a lot of your time could be spent in the sea studying various issues and topics. It could well be a life of adventure.

Skills Required

The fundamental skill that an oceanographer should have is critical thinking,good writing and reliable writing. The love for the sea and a heart thirsty for adventure is what willl help you not just survive nut enjoy your career. Experience traveling by ships could be useful and so will knowledge in computer science. A scuba diving certificate is necessary and ability to speak foreign languages would help. And very importantly you will have to be able to survive monotony and isolation.







A graduation in pure science is what you will need for a course in oceanography. Mathematics is compulsory in these courses.  A doctorate or a masters degree in any basic science is what you will need to start marine research. Professional training of some kind is necessary in this field as it is very specific. Specialised branches of oceanography are chemical, geological, physical and marine biology.


Job Prospects

There are many exciting job prospects that can be considered in this profession. A chemical oceanographer or a geological oceanographer are both hard and high paying professional positions. You could also work as a marine biologist if you love sea animals. Marine and ocean engineers are also slowly becoming liable career options.  

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