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Career in Veterinary Science

A career in veterinary science is a dream come true for animal lovers.  In a world where dogs are considered man’s best friend and people invest at times more into their pets than they do their friends veterinary science seems like a very lucrative and satisfying career option. As the human race makes groundbreaking progress in the field of medicine veterinary science has not been far behind. Over the last few decades veterinary science has also grown phenomenally and our furry and not so furry friends have health benefits like never before. Veterinary Science is a hard profession but a fulfilling one. It requires utmost skill and commitment. As animals cannot express their problems verbally it makes the job harder. Veterinary Science is an extremely high paying profession but is not vary easy to get qualified in as the degrees offered are tough to crack. Also, there has been an unpredictable growth in poultry and animal sector, which results in increasing demand for veterinary science in various sectors of livestock and poultry.


Skills Required

Firstly, you will need to have genuine love and compassion for animals to be a true vet. Being considerate of animals will be important as animals cannot express verbally their problems. Vets must be able to deal with working in emergency circumstances under pressure. A vet should have the ability to put the animals at ease, to be a team player, have powers of observation and self reliance, adaptability, indifference to the occasionally disagreeable conditions of work.


Courses Offered


  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry,
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science,
  • Bachelor of Fisheries Science,
  • Master of Veterinary Science.




For admission into bachelor’s degree a student must have passed 10+2 with biology, chemistry and physics and he/she also needs to qualify the entrance test conducted by the concerned universities. Veterinary Council of India conducts an ‘All India Common Entrance Examination’ (AICEE) for admission to first year Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) & Animal Husbandry (AH) degree course. The duration for bachelor’s degree program varies from 4-5 years, including the period of internship.




Job Prospects

Veterinary Doctors have many avenues to work in and the options are endless. Government Animal Husbandry Departments, poultry farms, dairy farms, sheep and rabbit farms, race clubs, stud farms, private and government veterinary hospitals and clinics are all options that veterinary doctors hold. Wildlife sanctuaries and zoological parks as well as aviaries require veterinarians. The Army and the Border Security Forces also employ veterinarians for the treatment of their mounted regiments which have horses, mules, camels and dogs. Teaching is another option as experienced professionals are recruited in various institutions to train the new entrants to the field. Research is also an option that can be explored by doctors aspiring to break new ground in the field.

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