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Government Polytechnic, Athani

Government Polytechnic, Athani established in the year 2008-09, is one among 81 government institutions under DTE Karnataka.
The place where the institute is established is famous for the great saint Shri.Murugendra Shivayogigalu.The Athani has a history of such great saints. Thus it is widely named as “Tapobhumi”.   
1) To develop and enhance the technical skills needed to achieve more effective technical performance at institute and industry.
2) To offer education and learning opportunities including technical programs, seminars and workshops for students.
3) To provide relevant resources and facilities for students and activities.
4) To advance the field of technical education and working towards redefining the purpose of education.

Government Polytechnic, Athani is currently being offered in the following departments.

Sl. No


      1 Diploma in Civil Engineering



Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering



Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering



Diploma in Mechanical Engineering


Government Polytechnic, Athani

Working Hours:
The institute functions from 9.00am to 5.00pm and on Saturday it functions from 9.00am to 2.00pm.

Internal Assessments:
We conduct three IA’s in each semester for all theory subjects. The maximum marks for each test are 25.Best of two IA’s in each subject will be considered and the total will be their IA marks. For practical and drawing subjects IA marks are given based on their performance throughout the semester.

System and Discipline:
Our institution is a temple of learning and treasure house of knowledge. Character and system are very essential in a student’s life to acquire good knowledge from education. Every student must be well disciplined and well managed in the institution. All the students must wear uniform and ID card.

  • Well modernized laboratories
  • Spacious classrooms
  • Anti-ragging committee
  • Playground.

Government Polytechnic, Athani
Shala Sankeerna No 3,
Basaveshwar Circle ,
Contact no.: 8289 – 285033
Fax no. :8289-251984
Mobile no. : 9448635163
Email :
Website :

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